Cloud Nine Farm is a full service facility. Full Training Board covers the cost of a large box stall, hay, bedding and grain as well as daily turnout. Each horse will get the necessary type and quantity of hay and Hallway grain based on his/her needs. Hay is fed four times per day and grain two times per day. Supplements will be given by request of owner. With Full Training Board, we will coordinate with vet and/or farrier and will blanket and un-blanket when necessary. If you use a different farrier and or vet other than who we typically use, you will be in charge of setting up appointments with them. Full Training Board provides daily grooming and tacking up for personal rides and/or lessons. Full Training Board includes Stevie and or Assistant riding horse up to 6 times per week and/or includes lessons up to 3 times per week. $950 which covers board is due at the start of the boarding agreement and the balance of the bill with be paid at the end of each month. Basic Care Board covers the cost of hay, grain, bedding, turn-out and blanketing. You would be responsible for daily grooming and care of horse.


Basic Care Board- $800/month (limited number of stalls available for basic care) NOT available at this time!

Full Training Board- $1600/month (Full care board including Training cost of $650)

There is a $50 fee for a private lesson if you are in Full Training program



Beginner Lessons- $50 for an hour

Private $75  Group $60

Schooling/showing- $60

Supervision at show- $65 per day/ per horse



Day Rate @ shows- $85/day

Share of trainers/grooms hotels at shows, extra stalls, hay, bedding and grain at show is split up between number of horses at the show.

Medication, Farrier and Vet care are all at cost.

We charge a 15% commission for purchasing, selling and leasing with a $500 minimum.